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Pioneering solutions with a strong business impact, owing to in-depth Asset Management knowledge

Executive Search

By focusing exclusively on Asset Management, we have built up an in-depth knowledge of this unique market. Fast, accurate and successful execution of the project is our highest priority. In our projects and in the various processes which constitute them, we adhere to transparent assessments, open communication and binding deadlines. We deeply respect and honor the great responsibility we carry in representing your company in the market.

Our customers are traditional and alternative Asset Management companies embracing the entire spectrum from boutiques to multinational corporations.

In order to fulfill and exceed the ever-increasing requirements of our customers we strongly engage ourselves in Fintech-projects and complex, overriding mandates that demand a high level of competence in digitalization.

Dedicated ESG projects form a significant part of the work in our practice. Cooperation with our clients mainly embrace ESG projects in the areas of financial analysis, portfolio execution and management. In this context and from a human capital perspective we are committed to implement your diversity strategies.

Developing Organizations and Culture

Insofar as the successful investment strategy is the foundation of long-term profitability, then will the solid planning of your organizational structure guarantee the successful implementation of your strategy. The accurate organizational set-up is essential in creating the link from strategy to above-average results. By considering this at the outset, we can implement tactical and organizational adjustments swiftly and efficiently without deviating from the overall vision.

One of the most dreaded questions is: “What is the purpose of our mission?” If this question can be answered clearly and convincingly, managers and employees in the various units and functions are more sustainably engaged, the client experience is a different one, client loyalty will be strengthened, and all these factors will have a significant impact on P&L.

Companies nowadays are led efficiently and fast-paced. Performance is defined and measured. However, the essential and defining “sweet spot” lies in an attractive purpose that engages people in their innermost intentions. If an enterprise has a clear vision and manages to mobilize and unite its workforce and leaders for fulfilling this dream, a new culture, passion and purpose unfold that by default result in an increased performance and heightened attractiveness of their units.

Organizational development and cultural transformation are the core business of our sister company «Urban Gurus», www.urbangurus.ch.

Executive and Business Coaching

We support executives, leaders and senior managers to optimally unfold their leadership and performance potential in order to fill their complex roles even more effectively and efficiently.

Executive and business coaching mandates will be under the responsibility of our sister company «Urban Gurus», www.urbangurus.ch.