Empathy and industry experience – the foundation for consulting expertise


«Empathy» means really fully understanding the situation and context of our partner. This is one of the most important pillars of successful consulting competency. Coming from a strict stakeholder-orientation and taking the view of all the players’ perspectives into consideration allows us to implement our projects accurately, proactively, decisively and with great sophistication. Our deep understanding stems from our own experience in Asset Management. We hold degrees in business administration, financial analysis, coaching and organizational development.

Asset Management

Asset Management activity is at present undergoing a deep structural transformation. Determining factors in this context are sensitivity to cost and the further development of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence. These will fundamentally jeopardize the present operation and sales models. Further, the industry is confronted with ever more regulations and the implementation of holistic ESG investment processes. All these factors will contribute to the continuation of the present wave of consolidations. These external drivers will also demand novel competencies quickly, since the speed and adaptability with which the framing conditions can be implemented will be of existential relevance. Assuming that the spirit of “the only constant is change” will endure and paying justice to the sophistication and complexity of this structural transformation, we see it as our task to develop feasible solutions together with you that enable you to master these challenges in the best possible way, even making them work to your advantage.

Our Method

We base our co-operation on a number of concrete factors in defining, planning and structuring a project according to economic reasoning. In executing the project, we also strongly focus on the human dynamics as a central aspect for achieving best results. We believe that considering the soft factors, understanding them and interpreting them correctly are essential in arriving at the optimal solution.

By combining research, experience and careful assessment of individual situations, we can act as strategic, trusted partners in all areas of human capital.

In the context of our co-operation, we identify ourselves as part of your organization. We engage in and commit to a meaningful dialogue in order to support you in efficiently, quickly and safely reaching your objective.

Objectivity in assessing the different candidates as well as transparent, fair and well-founded feedback are essential traits in our work ethics. In order to guarantee this impartiality, we have developed and designed an evaluation process, which allows us to compare along a set of objective criteria. The overriding dimensions to this end are:

  • Self-awareness: Personalities with astute self-awareness are able to decide consciously and reflectively on aspects of their career and potential. They quickly adapt to the company’s setting, understand the success factors and thus can tune in swiftly and constructively.
  • A set of one’s inner values: Evaluating the personal value system and matching it to that of the company.
  • Technical skills: The expertise and know-how necessary for the position and the ability to apply this in a goal-and-solution-oriented fashion in their daily work.
  • Agility: Persons who are able to continuously adjust to the changes of a VUCA-driven environment and manage to create opportunities from changes.