Christian Haas’comment on Ignites Europe: Firms in huge fight for talent across Europe

Asset mana­gers are bum­ping up sala­ries and loo­king bey­ond their domestic mar­kets to find
talent amid a shor­ta­ge of candidates.

«Chris­ti­an Haas, mana­ging part­ner at Swiss-based Ele­way, agrees, say­ing that
can­di­da­tes who are able to adapt and use digi­tal tech­no­lo­gies are also in high demand
due to the digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on of the indus­try.
He adds that firms are loo­king for talent in pri­va­te mar­kets, envi­ron­men­tal, social and
gover­nan­ce, and pas­si­ve invest­ment, as the­se are “big topics” in the industry.»

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